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Eye-Catching Custom Advertising

We make everything custom-tailored to the clients' specifications. We personalize easy-to-assemble products for whatever event you have.


We have developed easy-to-assemble, pop-up style canopies, perfect for companies that attend outdoor events and want to market their brand. Our canopies provide shade, attract the eye, and provide brand identity that can't be missed by passing crowds. The canopies are made from strong materials that are guaranteed to be long-lasting, held together by an aluminum frame. Our main sizes are 10' x 10' and 10' x 20', and remember, the more shade you get, the more advertising space comes with it.


Nothing catches the eye like a banner over a doorway! Out There Brands in Toronto, Ontario, creates custom banners for advertising at events. Let us put your product or company logo on one of our banners and you'll see just how successful they are. Our banners are perfect for both indoor and outdoor events and come with a frame to keep them stationary. Banners are great for anyone from small corner stores to big companies, since they allow for flexibility and portability.

Banner Sizes

Our digital fabric banners come in a variety of sizes. There are pull-up banners, graphic wall banners, and hanging banners, all of which come in varying sizes of their own. Make sure to select your size, so we know exactly what to print for you.

MTN Play Pop-up Banner


We are one of the largest flag printing companies out there and market them specifically to consumer-related companies. Flags are perfect for companies looking to advertise to individual consumers at an event. Not only do they catch the eye, but they practically spread the word of your brand for you.


Prices vary depending on the size of the product and what you want printed. Please call us for more information. We recommend combining the entire product that we have listed in order to optimize your advertising reach, allowing you to:

Control the Amount of Advertising Space | Capture a Person's Attention When You Have All Products Together | Have More Flexibility to Fully Attract Consumers